Head office: 011 039 1786 | Training co-ordinator: 076 208 9942 | Email: cclinix@gmail.com


What a V.CELL CLINIX franchise offers you:

  • A fully fitted store in the V.CELL CLINIX brand design, in the area of your choice.
  • 1 fully equipped work station, which includes tools and technical accessories to repair ANY cell phone
  • 4 weeks technical training for 1 person with our V.CELL CLINIX technician and a certificate of competence on completion of the training.
  • 2 weeks customer care, sales, and product recognition training for 1 person with our CELL CLINIX sales staff.
  • CELL CLINIX national advertising.
  • Full technical and head office support.
  • Delivery of spare parts and accessories up to 3 times per week (depending on franchise location).
  • Turnkey operation.





What the Franchisee is responsible for:
  • Rent or lease of business premises.
  • In store Point of sale (POS).
  • In store telephone and internet facilities.
  • Lap top, Copier, fax (If required).
  • Extra spares or accessory order over the 3 deliveries per week.
  • Any additional local or national advertising.
  • All furnitures /chairs etc


What will the V.CELL CLINIX franchise cost?

  • Starting from R599 000.00 excluding VAT  depending on the location of the mall.
  • An initial deposit of R450 000  is required to secure your franchise.
  • The balance is payable on signing franchise agreement. 
  • No deposit is refundable. 
  • The franchise fees will be        R 3 000.00 per month. 
  • A cost of R5000 per m2 will be charged for any shop over 30 m2 for shop fitting and extras.
  • Any retail shop outside 50km of Northcliff,The franchise will be responsible for transportation petrol ,Accomodation,air flights,visas(if necessary)



Franchise details:

Your store

  • In the location of your choice.
  • 30-70 square meter premises is ideal.
  • High gross white tiles on floor
  • Fully fitted with 4 Display units.
  • 1x help desk
  • 1x desk 1200
  • 2x 2400 accessories units
  • All high gross white 
  • Working area to accommodate one technician (work station), Wall and window displays.
  • All fittings, cabinets, and décor in the V.CELL CLINIX brand design.
  • In store signs and shop front advertising and V.CELL CLINIX sign included, this excludes light boxes.
  • Allow three weeks for completion of store.

Work station

  • 1 fully equipped technical work station.
  • The work station will be equipped with: hot air station, Precision solder iron & flux, ESD mat, Magnified overhead lamp,  Liquid flux, Torque 4/5/6 complete ESD set, ESD tweezers,  Multi meter, Precision side cut/long pliers, Fibre pen.
  • Each work station will be in line with ESD protection legislation and display mandatory protective area signs.

Stock :



  • We suggest R 35 000.00 sellable stock which is payable by the franchisee.
  • Stock will include the latest in device protective covers, batteries, pouches and chargers (Original & Generic)  WE KNOW THESE ITEMS SELL.
  • The stock has the potential to make a huge profit almost immediately.
  • The franchisee can set their own price on any stock item.


  • 2 week technical training program, allowing you to achieve level 1 or 2 technician status. (depending on your skill level)
  • The training will be conducted by our fully qualified V.CELL CLINIX technician.
  • The training will take place at out Training Centre at Northcliff.
  • It is the franchisees' responsibility to undergo and attend the V.CELL CLINIX training course.
  • 2 week sales and product recognition training for 1 person.
  • Training will be conducted by V.CELL CLINIX sales staff.
  • The training will take place at our V.CELL CLINIX store, Northcliff.
  • It is the franchisees' responsibility to undergo and attend the V.CELL CLINIX training course.


  • Franchisee' are responsible for their own local advertising.
  • Franchisees' are responsible for their own business cards.


  • Full technical support from our Training center and in-house technician.
  • Full Administrative support from our Head Office.
  • Courier service for any device which the franchisee requires further investigation or intricate repair by our technician.

Spares and accessories:

  • The V CELL CLINIX courier will make deliveries of spares, accessories, and phones up to 3 times per week. (Depending on franchise location).
  • Extra spares etc. are the responsibility of the franchisee.
  • Spares must be ordered by Email through the head office during normal working hours.



IMPORTANT NOTICE : All repairs of handsets and laptops should be booked in at the Head office to ensure the device doesn't lose it's guarantee.


For pick and delivery services please contact Keenan Purcell on : 073 508 9037


Head office : 011 038 3108

Address : Northcliff Corner Shopping Centre

Cnr Beyers Naude Drive & Milner Avenue




Franchise inquiry contact Mr Leslie Taylor on

076 208 9942